Sunday, 3 July 1864

Sad annoyance ― o! destiny! ―

A dull day all through ― sunless, ― & very pouring rain from 9 to 12. Colored Crete drawings ― but was miserably sleepy. Lunched at Mrs. Clive’s ― Charlie & Kathleen. ―At 3 ― walked to various places. Mrs. C.B. Percy ― always the same. Isabella P. more faded=obdurate. Mrs. Hammond: (“Miss O.” of 1828-30. ― what a strange lot of change! Leonora M. is dead. Amelia ― remarried ― her name is Michael. Mr. M. 80 ― well & cheerful, Mrs. Louis M. I did not ask after. All the Hammonds are dead but W. & their twin sons.[)] She was kindly & pleasant. ― Lord Somers ― out. Mrs. Bruce ― delightful ever, & a beautiful place for the Argostoli. Fairbairn ― pompous & wealthy=seeming, ― but well-meaning. Dunn-Gardners ― out. Cromek ― poor Cromek ―!! Ill ― & disabled & poor to a dreadful degree. Poor poor fellow!! gout, & now dreadful boils. Sate on ― time & did all I could: ― to give him a 10£ drawing to do ― time unknown &c. ― & so home ―: very sad.

To 61. Eaton Place.


Very cheerful-pleasant evening.

Some one said of ˇ[to] the white dog ― Are you a Dane dog? ― No ― said Sir A. Buller ― c’est un Autre chien.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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