Saturday, 2 July 1864

Did not rise early ― one cannot now.

Verily ― it is a weary life, tho’ for the last few days I have borne it better.

C. Fortescue
H.J. Bruce.

These were the visitors― The last very pleasant. Coloured Crete Sketcjes ― But slowly― & at 5. Walked to Regt. Park & called on Mrs. Martineau ― back by 7.

Rainy. Cab to 1 Montagu Square.


Vastly nice dinner. Vastly pleasant society. Something jars me ―― τουλάχιστον δὲν μ’ ἀρέσε.[1] ― Μίαν ἀπελπεσίως ἒχει ― αὒτη ἡ κυρία.[2] ――

‘Στο σπῆτι ‘στας ἓνδεκα.[3] Γράμματα ἀπὸ τὴν Κυρίαν Σζαίκσπῆρ ― διὰ τὸν σύζυγόν της διὰ νὰ λάβῃ τὴν θέσιν τὴς Κυβερνήσεως τὴς τοῦ Ουαικφὶηλδος (?) φύλακα.[4]


[1]At least [there’s something] I don’t like (NB).

[2]This lady is full of despair (NB).

[3]Home by 11 (NB).

[4]Letters from Mrs. Shakespear ― for her husband to take the Government post of Wakefield (?) guardian (?) (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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