Friday, 24 June 1864

Rose before 6. ―Penned out.

Alfred & Lady Elizabeth Drummond came. ― Lady E. is a kindly pleasant Lady. After which I penned out, ― slept, ― wrote, ― lunched, ― slept ― slept again & so all turnatly. A prison at best. ―

About 4.30 or 5 ― Mrs. Robinson & Miss Louis came ― always a pleasure: they have so much natural taste & discrimination as to portrait=landscape. It pleases me even when they don’t like a painting.

Did not go out till 6.30. when I went to 29. Welbeck St. carrying a drawing for T. Woolner’s intended. The dinner was very cheerful-pleasant rustical: Soles ―good lamb & pease & pudding ― & cheese. Sherry ― & surprising Burgundy & olives ἔπειτα. The Bard was cheerful & pleasant.


Afterwards, he went μοναχός to smoke. T.W. & I talked ― of Daddy & other matters. Woolner has an extreme originality. When AT came again, I hoped to hear the “Enoch”: but a visitor came, & lo! it was “Johnny Waller” of Tabley memories!!! ― & that addition was becoming pleasant when, lo again ――― Palgrave, ― who of all men is the most frightfully antipatico[1] to me. His voice, & eternal assumption & gross vanity are sickening.

At 11 ― I came home.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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