Tuesday, 21 June 1864

Very lovely weather always. Rose at 6.30

Fuss about the new Lodger’s servant & [illegible]. The Cooper’s won’t stay I fear, & Mrs. C. tells me how matters stand. I go to Gush ― & he promises et cetera. I also offer to take the lower rooms if Mr. Dos Santos will go to No. 17. What else to do I cannot tell. Letter from Mr. Edwards ― & wrote to him. Daddy Hunt came: he like the Argostoli: proposes that I should sign a paper about “suppression of all Street music” which I do notsign. Mrs. Clive came, & Mrs. Mildmay, & we look over Campagna sketches. Later, good boy Wade-Browne. After which, having lunched, I fell asleep, & woke at 5 ― to pen out again, ― Crete sketches. Lo!! ― AT ― / most amiable ―: & I walked with him to Woolner’s ― who was out at first, but came in afterwardly. Read 2 poems of AT’s new lot: ― one, I knew, ― the valley “32 years ago.” ― Another, the “Voyage.” Very beautiful.

At 7.30 ― walked to Berkeley Square: & saw Sybella some 15 minutes before anyone came.


Marochetti seemed to me very commonplace & self sufficient, but yet with a sort of servility, Mrs. P. Butler is a bore rather ― aye ― much. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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