Sunday, 19 June 1864

Rose at 7. T. Cooper is a little better. Arranged & “packed”[.]

7. Dozen Drawing=mounts for Tarrant. Wrote to C.F. ― to the Consul at Marseille, M. Ricard; & a hurried letter to Giorgio[.] More unsettled & uncomfortable one could hardly be. ―

Charley Clive called ― At 1.30 ― lunched there. ― Went out to make calls, ― of course, meeting G. Strahan ― (after S. Cocks Major 4th,) left letter at C.F.’s ― & then to T.G. Barings, & C. Wynne (Funch’s) ― out: Lady Quins ― S. Lane. (out of town,) (Cave also ― whom I saw ― kindly ever: Mrs. C. out) ― & so gradually home.

Out again at 5 (hard work,) tried to find Woolner ― but failed. Then, dear old Mr. Morier ― “O you dear man!” said the old gentleman of 80 ― “O you charming man ― we thought you gone for 2 years!!” ――― One more call ― E. Drummond, & one omitted, Lady Wenlock. ―

E. Drummond had called on me. And, just as I was dressing ― came A. Peel: a good real man. He sate while I dressed, & then, at 6.45. cab to Queens gate


Pleasant, but very painful ― nondimeno.[1] Remarks on Daddy Hunt ― on Ditcham ―&c. &c. &c. O! O! Mrs. G. Scrivens I fear you are indeed right & shrewd!! ―

Wearily walked to 9 Audley St. & cab home by 11.30


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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