Friday, 17 June 1864

Rose later ― 7. Poor Thomas Cooper is very ill ― worse.

Worked at colouring the Caphalonia drawings. Frank Lushington came. Mrs. Clive: & Sir Henry Storks ― immensely kindly & hearty. ― Alas ― alas! for those days!

O come passano! i dì felici ―
E non ci resta ―― che’l sospirar.[1]

Went out at 3.30. omnibus ― distracting. Called at W. Nevills ― & went on ― horrible chaos of row & fuss ― to London Bridge ― enquiring at various places & offices for lost luggage, ― ditto at Gracechurch St. ― vainly ever.

Dined at a queer eating shop.

Then at 6 ― to W.N.’s ― things are not quite so bad as I feared ― but very bad nonetheless. Geoff is to go to Mauritius. Willie ― salaried at 350£ by Morley ―no one seems to think well of as to his future. Ralph is idle & gets into debt. Hugh is discontented & wants to leave Cambridge. Poor Bill Nevill! And John Smedley was ―― what? ― the first to issue a writ of arrest against him!! I can hardly write it for anger at the beast. Billy is wonderfully well & cheerful ― & we had tea ― & later, some supper, & at 10 he walked with me to Holborn. (Mrs. Crake ― was daughter of Mason ― who had a small haberdasher’s shop near to Oxford market, in Oxford St. One brother still lives, in Cripplegate. one sister married one Walker. Mr. Crake was then a plumber & glazier’s apprentice, & both worked for the Nevills, who were grandees by comparison.)

Nice letters from ― F.L. ― Mrs. Prescott, & Mrs. H.A. Bruce: & Lady James has paid 50£ very kindly ― in advance. Peel, & W. Evans have called.


[1]“Oh how do the happy days go by / And sighs only are left to us.” Riccardo Filangeri del Pino, “La brevità della vita.” In Un’ora perduta poer chi legge guadagnata per chi scrive. Napoli: Gaetano Nobile, 1841, p. 63

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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