Thursday, 16 June 1864

Awake at 4. XX. And back returns the Dark with no more hope of light!

It is impossible to say how dreadful the first feeling of morning is here ― the memory of those happy bright Crete & Corfu days ― & the knowledge that I have to rise to a prison of life ― so it seems to me ― with no outlet of hope of change! ――――― The post however, brought a letter from Lady James ― with a commission to paint a picture for £150. ― All the morning I coloured the Cerigo sketches, & finished them: there are now only the Cephalonia ― 46 in all. ― No one came but John Simeon. At 4 I went to Lady Goldsmids, A. Peel, ― Thomas Hankey, Julian Goldsmid, Slingsby Bethell, Terrick Hamilton, Dunn-Gardner, Col. Hornby, A. Seymour, Mr. Baring, I came home by 6 ― intending to go & see poor W. Nevill, but could not manage it. ―

Having no dress ― could not dress: so ― was soon prepared to go; but, going, ― Mrs. G. Clive called me, & I sate some time there: then, cab, to Dunn-Garner’s. The sumptuous house & furniture & the “compito” cookery seem very mysterious: also the conversation.


The brother was a silent cove. Mr. & Mrs. G.’s arguments were remarkable. Home by 11.30.

Wines super-eminent: cookery ditto.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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