A Short Break…


The diaries of Edward Lear’s visit to Crete, covering 4 April – 31 May 1864, have long been available in Rowena Fowler’s excellent edition of Edward Lear: The Cretan Journal, first published in 1984, and currently available in its third edition from Denise Harvey (Publisher). Both Rowena and Denise have always been very supportive and kind, even to the point of forgetting to ask me to skip this period, but I feel it would be unfair to post material that might damage sales of their beautiful book: in addition to a reliable text of the journal, you will get a useful introduction and notes, as well as many colour and b/w illustrations reproducing Lear’s watercolours of this period. All for an incredible price (£12!) from the publisher’s websiteEdward Lear: The Corfu Years, edited by Philip Sherrard, is also still available.

The book also includes a list of all Lear’s Cretan drawings, edited by Stephen Duckworth and available at his website Edward Lear and Crete.

Rowena Fowler has also edited and published on the web Edward Lear’s Grecian Travels.


See you on 1 June.


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