Friday, 1 April 1864

Quite clear early ― the Albanian snow as if in January: I fear all my 10 little geese are lost.

Sent letter to 1 C. Fortescue.
2 T. Cooper
3 John Day.
4 Messrs Woodhead.
5 Drummonds.
6 Fanny Coombe
7 Mr. Marsden.
8 Mrs. G. Clive.
9 Mrs. Hunt
10 W. Nevill.

Later clouds ― & wind N.W. ― but altogether ― fine day: colder towards sunset, & half an hour after, bitter & violent cold wind ― almost N.

Χριστός was worse all yesterday & last night.

Rose at 7 ― & concentrated all my unpacked belongings into the Studio ― bed & all. ― G. went out to arrange about the cases, & at 9 brought men ―: all 7 cases were removed to the Dogana before 11. ― G. works like 20 men when at it. ― Mrs. Nordley wrote a receipt for all. ― At 12 ― went to various places to get in bills ― Mrs. Carter poor old lady ― cried on shaking hands with me ― she goes to Scotland she says. Page’s people say all he Maltese will go by degrees ― & I fancy, all the English shopkeepers.

Sate a bit with Mr. Boyd ― & lunched on olives & τυρί;[1] By this it was 2 ― & then I sate talking with Baring & Bowden, & Baring solo ― playing songs & talking ― till 3.30. ―

Alack for the Oranges & flowers in a garden of light!

Then, μοναχῶς, I walked o Ascension: ― but a vastly cold high N.W. wind blew, & made all things cold & sad: yet went I on to the Cannone ― & perhaps see that too for the last time. “Thou seest all things ― thou wilt see my grave.”[2] ― Returned by 6.15.

Giorgio had got all the rooms cleaned, ― & all are now empty but the studio. I paid him £9.10.0 for his wages till the end of May, & for his boys school: & 10 shillings extra for much very hard work.

Dressed, & to Condi Terrace ― no easy task now, for the gas pipes are being laid down everywhere & the Line Wall is impassable.


Mrs. De V. was tired & unwell. Yet the evening was pleasant ― & it was 11.45 when we separated.

home ― by obscure lanes ― by 12.10.

[1]Cheese (NB).

[2]Tennyson’s “Tithonus,” l. 73.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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