Thursday, 31 March 1864

Wind perpetual ― but shiftier towards N.W.

Rose before 7. zinc & nail for last 3 boxes. ―

Went out at 10.30 ― to Wordleys, Austn. Lloyds’ office, Loughman’s Bank ― where I got 50£ notes for cheques, ― & Boyds, who very kindly gave me 50 Naps: for 40£. Then I went to the 9th with prints of the Citadel for Wright & Curzon & O. Middleton ― & then I lunched ― having no end of dawdle & flâner till 3. (Major Darling there.) At 4 ― walked with Wright & Dunn to Ascension.

O ever-loved olives! gray  solemn ― & delicate=tumbling ― dark-branched! ―

Heavy storms of rain & wind when I got home.

At 7 ― to the Citadel.


Very pleasant all. Staid till 10.30. ― Walked home by the narrow calle [of] St. Spiro. The ‘university’ boys had a row this last week, & attacked Baker, δὲνθέλομενἈγγλονδιδάσκαλον.[1] They pelted him with slates & books, & Miss B. fainted. Police came.

[1] We do not want an English teacher (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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