Saturday, 26 March 1864

XX. Endless bore. ― At 7 ― G. returned. Χριστός grows weaker. Nicolo I don’t think has the smallpox ― for he has no eruption on his face. ―

After breakfast ― G. got a carro, & all the better part of the furniture was taken away, to aroom in a house Spiro lives in now ― & I am to pay 2½ dollars per month for it. (In the evening I came to know that the large, & next sized table would not go up the stairs ― & that S. & G. had had those 2 taken to their mother’s, as well as my iron bed & mattresses.) At 2.30 ― I went out, ― finding ― by asking at Wordley’s, ― that my 3 cases went off today by the

Calpe-Bibby’s ―

Which arrived this morning, & goes by Ἀλεχάνδρια to Liverpool. Then I walked slowly to Ποταμῶ: the annoyance of dogs from the many wayside gardens & houses has much increate. The day was fine ― not clear, ― but with grand large unsettled clouds, & Ἀκροκεραύνια in a haze of gray mists & gleams. Above Ποταμῶ was poor Διονύσιος to whom I gave 8 pence ― telling him that it would be the last: ― his sister, a pretty little girl Σοφία― brought me some flowers ― stocks ― white & purple ― & said ― Δὲνθὰσοῦεἲδωμενποτέ, ποτέ; ― ἵσωςἀπάνω.[1] How strange & beautiful is faith.

So I went on sadly: looking at the loveliness of the landscape ― & saying “ῶρακαλή”[2] ― to all peasants ― up to the hill above the Ποταμῶ flats, & alla long them & to the “Condi” road. ― At the old Fort cliff ― looking over Manducchio, I sate from 5.15 to 6.15, supposing Vido could be blown up. Then I came away ― but a thunderstorm came on suddenly, & I only ran home to save a great wetting. Huge claps of thunder! G. gave his last dinner of curry=turkey: eggs & spinach: & “Τζακαράτου” pudding. He went at 8.15 to his mother. Another violent but short burst of storm happened at 9. ―

I read Kinglake.

[1]Are we to never ever see you again? ― maybe above [in Heaven] (NB).

[2]Farewell (NB).


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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