Friday, 25 March 1864

Very dark & cloudy ― storm & pouring rain till 10 or 11.

Χριστός was the same all last night, only weaker. But at noon, Giorgio returns & says Nicolo has the smallpox!!! ― he thinks it is so at least. ―

Finished the penning out of last year’s 7 Islands sketches ― Cephalonia, Cerigo & Zante having been done here.

At 4.30 ― walked out ― gloomy & dirty ― but not at that moment raining. I went up by the F. Neuf steps: ― some 2 or 3 people ― peasants, ― look at Ft. Abraham & talk of it: ― but others, earnestly discoursing, turn out on nearing them to be speaking of domestic matters & τάλληρα.[1] Went up ― by the Molin a vento,[2] & the reedy cactus donkey habited lane ― to Ἀνάλειψις. How beautiful are the dark modeled olive trunks in this gray light! ― At the village, it began to pour with rain, & Παρασκηβούλα[3] asking me to go into her house, I did so, & we talked, ἐλαλήσαμεν, about Χριστός― & the rest of out mutual acquaintance. She is a good & nice girl, & I wonder she was never married.

Returned ― pretty wettish ― by 7.

Dined ― cold Turkey, eggs & spinach, Τζικάρατου pudding & olives.

Giorgio has gone to his mother’s. I saw old Βασίλια today: she said of Χριστός― “εἶναι πολὺ πολὺ ἀδύνατος:” & of Νικόλα ― “τὸ ἳδιον εἶναι.”[4]

It is raining ever ― hard: as was to be expected after such sciroc cloud days.

for several nights Kinglake.[5]


[1]Money (NB).


[3] It is the name Παρασκευούλα  (Paraskevoula).

[4] “He is very weak:” & of Nicola ― “he is the same.” (NB).

[5]Alexander William Kinglake (1809-1891) was an Eglish travel writer and historian. Lear might have been reading either Eothen; or Traceso of Travel Brought Home from the East, (London: J. Ollivier, 1844), or the first volumes of his 8-volume Invasion of the Crimea (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1863-1887).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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