Thursday, 24 March 1864

X. Same muggy calm weather ― dim.

Sent off 2 more cases for England ― one with books & a case of drawings ― the other with Iánina & canvasses.

Penned out till 1. ― Close muggy ― dim weather ― all distance obliterated.

Set out at 2.15 ― intending to go with Giorgio to finish the drawing at Εὐροποῦλος ― but the Italian Steamer being signaled, I went alone. But I never got farther than Potamo bridge ― dogs bothering me, & disinclination & apathy abounding.

Having “sate upon” the bridge for 1 hour & a half, I returned, ― meeting G. about 5.30.

He had 2 letters, containing 6. ― 3 from Drummonds, reporting payment by R. Bethell of Sir A. Horsfords & Mr. H. Edwards’ subscriptions, Mrs. Willis ― & Lord Rendlesham: so there should now be 155£ in Drummonds ― deducting my last drawing out of 45£.

Returned to dine at 7. on Κρύο Δίνδιο,[1] & to read papers.

G. has gone to his mothers: Χριστός ― poor fellow, was the same today.

The other 3 letters were from Emma Arnold, P. Bouverie, & Mr. Marsden.


[1] Cold [?].

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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