Sunday, 20 March 1864

Gray & calm.

Resolved to pack quicker, & get off next Saty if possible. It is a gloomy odious bore, this going. ―― Wrote to Ellen, Mr. Edwards, Cooper, & Dickenson.

At 2, I went, by the Ghetto to De Vere’s. Luncheon solo, as they were lunching below, but little Mary came & talked. Afterwards, D.V. & Mrs. D.V. ― After discourse on “Corfu Lunatics,” ― at 4. we walked out ― by the “Ward” road, & to the Cemetery & the old Temple=church, & along all the garden meadow ― (where F.L. & I went to walk so often,) to Calechíopulos, & so up, by the orange-gardens to the One gun road, & so back by 6.30. ― These walks with the De Veres are very delightful ― but, ending, ― better less thought of. ― They go to the Isle of Wight. ―

At 7.15 ― to the 7.30 Palace Dinner. H.E. more excited than usual ― knowing more than we do. A bad new paper just published ―: the Gk. Ministry out ― & illuminations thereat &c. &c.


Eh! those gardens! O! that lake & those olives!!!!!!!

Amusing & pleasant evening. But things do not seem in a pleasing state.

Went to Baring’s rooms afterwards.

Found my Iron Bedstand &c. all cleared off, & the small long camp bed in its place.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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