Saturday, 19 March 1864

Gray ― gray ― gray ― all day long: gleamy only at times. And, sooth to say ― cold, ― so that, ἀφίσωντα διὰ τρία ἑβδομάδα[1] fires, I have took to them again. March is March εἰς ὃλον τὸν κόσμον.[2] After 9 ― I went to Courage’s, & got £6.6.0 ― being Mr. Campbell Johnston’s book money. ― Says Mr. C. [“]We think there will be a civil war all over the island, when the last of the English have gone.” ― ‘But’ say they ― we cannot move: how can we? ―― Then I went to Mr. Woodley ― who seems a jolly sort of man; he is to send my first case to Lpool as soon as he can ― by the Tripoli if possible ― if not, by the next ― on [Bibbig]. ―― & he says he will take charge of my other 6 or 8 cases to send as I may devise. ―

So I returned at 11 ― & packed ― packed ― & packed, till all my things were in the zinky packages ― excepting those I take. Austrian Steamer in ― but alas! no letters. At 4.30. walked out. ― quiet but gloomy afternoon, as often is March ― the mountains dark gray & purple ― yet how vastly glory-grand! ― Went by the Parga & Condi road, but not to the flats ― returning, ― & soby the Poplar cross round to Καστράδες. The old Βασίλια came & talked, & Τατιανὲ brought (ἂκων) λάμπσι:[3] (a compliment more honored in the breach &c. &c.). ― Home by 7. & dined at 7.30 on Lamb roast & stewed celery, & orange marmalade & rice, & olives. ― Also, penned out till 10.30. ―

Fires tonight ― first time for 3 weex.

Awful mistake ― this is for March 19.[4]


[1] Leaving [fires] for three months (NB).

[2] Around the world (NB).

[3] (Involuntarily) light (NB).

[4] This entry is written on the page for Monday 21 March.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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