Saturday, 5 March 1864

Fine ― light-showery-clouds about.

Worked, but little, at the Turin ― now nearly finished.

Arbuckle came ― a nice fellow ― & later Sir H.J. Wolff, & colonel Bell. ―

From 1 ― to 2 ― the bugles were sounding, & the 6th collecting. At 2.15 ― crowds began to pass ― & at 2.30. the 6th marched by.

Phillipps saw me & I him. ―

I shall now go: ― & I began to pack. ― I would not stay to the end for any money.

Began to pack up.

Letters from Ellen
T. Cooper, & his account.
Foord ― & Dickenson’s account ―
Archibald Peel.
Florence Bethell.
& a bill of Gush & Ferguson for Photography.

At 5.30 ― walked ― by Line Wall & Esplanade: ― a multitude of fooly carnival folk. Returned by 6.20 ― & dressed.

To Boyds at 7.


What a strange man Hire! Fine to have saved “21 lives ―” by swimming &c. ― but why talk so much of it? ― And then “Sebastopol exploit!” ― And the “shooting dead” the Greek at the half way house from Piræus to Athens ― who took liberties with him!! ― Humph. ―― The Boyds “protect” the Darrers ―but Capt. H. didn’t seem to like them. Left at 10.45. Mrs. Boyd has a gt. deal of real charm.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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