Tuesday, 1 March 1864

Bright early, then cloudy ― & showers at times ― X

North wind. ― Heaps of steamer & War ships. 4 papers ― up to the 24th: everything looking war ― war.

Put things in order for Mrs. De Vere & Mrs. Garrett, but lo! they came not ― whereby I fear, I wrote a cross note rather. ― Painted at the Olive in the Argostoli view: ― but ― sadly bebothered & unsettled as to future plans. (Wade-Browne came & sate with me ― I fear he goes on Friday.)

No letters. ―

Gradually I “pack up.”

At 6.30 ― to the Ionian Bank ―

Miss Carottis has moved her piano to the room below my studio ― to my delight when at work.


Kindly old soul ― is Mr. L. ― & a good woman Mrs. L. Alexdr. L. is a queer youth, very.

The Comments on Barr & Boyd were refreshing, also Mr. L. & Mrs. L.’s remarks on “Father” Hutchinson’s book about the “House of Nazareth.”[1] ― What a vast fund of hatred seems to exist in men ― evoked & warmed by priests enmities! ―――


[1] Hutchinson, William Aubrey. Loretto and Nazareth: Two Lectures. London: F. Dillon, 1863.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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