Monday, 29 February 1864

Violent rains at times all day: ― dark & light by fits. Early ― unwell ― & could work not at all. A letter from T. Cooper. ― (by the Alexandria boat last night late,) enclosed ― letters from

Miss James.}
C. Church.}
Miss Wentworth} thanking me for the Lithographs
Miss Murray.}
Admiral Murray ― sending 3 subscribers to the Ionian Book.
A receipt for £3.3. from Drummonds ―
& for a bill of Lincoln & Bennetts ―
& a letter from T. Cooper.

Worked at the Florence ― & partly seemed to save it from utter destruction.

Clark (Rev. Sydney) came. I was pleased to hear how simply & broadly he spoke about the Essays & Reviews judgment. Having written κατιτί[1] ― I walked out at 5 ― the rain having ceased: ― by the Prison road ― & back by the Kokali houses. Walks ― soon to be for ever discontinued. ―――

Dined μοναχῶς. reading Josephus.

Alas! the quiet! never more to return!

Penned out till 10. Cerigo views.

καὶ οὕτως τελιώθε ὁ Φεββραῖος[.][2]


[1] Something (NB).

[2] And so February came to an end (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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