Wednesday, 17 February 1864

Wondeful lovely calm brightness!!!!

But it is better to try not to regret this place ―

Tho’ if Sanders or D’Everton were coming as Consul, I could half try to live on. ― Painted at Jameson’s Florence till 12 ― & also penned out a little. ― At 12.30 ― or 12.45 ― called on Ladyt Wolff ― & later on Mrs. Boyd, ― both out. Came home. Letter from Bulwer, ― very pleasant. ―― Unhingy am I, ―undecided: ― where to go ―what to do ― to go from here at once or later.

At 2 ― went to the hill beyond Manducchio ― looking to the City ― & finished a drawing ― begun in 1857.

Seeing Craven pass, I walked a bit with him, but he does not enliven nor is enlivenable.

So I returned, & drew again till 5―15 ― & then walked back ― by 6.15.

They say Vido, & Ft. Abraham are all ready to “saltar in aria.”[1] ― Disagreable.

Dr. Roberts had called.


Evening very social pleasant, ― I penned out al solito ― & they looked at drawings ― not going away till 11.30.

Phillipps goes to Trinidad. There is something in a soldier’s life ― however full of responsibilities to others, ― [say] as to those of his own destiny. Any change comes ˇ[as] of course.



[1] To be blown up.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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