Monday, 15 February 1864

Amazingly lovely & calm all day: ― sea ― glass: & millions of silver gulls. ―

2. Papers by yesterday’s boat ―
1. By today. ――――――――― no letters.

Worked at Mountain in Argostoli picture but Capt. Seymour, & Wade-Browne came. & at 2.30 I went to Ascension, & beyond to the slope of the hill looking down to Ποντικονῆσι & Μπενίτζα.

Then ― in utter quiet & solitude ― I drew till 5. One goat came to the top of the hill & said Baa. ―

Years ago ― 1856-9 ― I worked at that spot. At 5.30 ― drew again ― above the golden sunset lake ― & so by Ascension & the Suliot villages ―home. Not very well: languid.

Dined, & penned out till 11 ― Blk Mountain sketches.

The vast lakelike sheet of sea ― like a mirror ―― 3 or 4 sails only slowly skimming by ― & one heard the songs of the boatmen. The transparent green & purple brown below the near water edge! Days of old ― F.L. & I went to walk round the promontory at sunset: certainly[1] however, one is happier now.


[1] The entry continues at the bottom of the previous page, for 14 February.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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