Wednesday, 3 February 1864

Slept ill. Wonderfully lovely morning. But rose unwell.

The increase of chance of war ― (it seems the Germans will go into Schleswig ―) makes the necessity greater of decision about what to do here. The medium plan would be to give up this house at March 6 ― for April 6. ― & to take it on for 3 months if Παραμυθιόττι allows ― for I can hardly finish & pack up all before May. ― But then ― what next? Athens? ― or a return to London? ― the first expensive, the 2nd hateful. ―????

The quiet of this house ― the cheerful corner room ― its green blinds & look out on the harbour, ― the large table ― good fine &c.: ― the long quiet study ― an even light thro’ all the day: ― the good order of all things ― breakfast ― hearing George read, & so on ― though I can’t get out at present, (for my inside is still bad,) are among the scenes & times I fear not to return.† Yet if life be so short, & the “beyond life” so unknown ― why regret at all?

Painted at Mr. Ridley’s little Olympus all day.

From 4 ― to 5 ― Cocks kindly came & sate with me.

Inside not at all right yet, ― but there is far less of that dreadful depression which ate one up for some days. En revanche there is more restlessness & worry with better health.

Dined at 6.45 ― eating as little as possible ― on a Hare Oswald Middleton had sent me.

Penned out till 10.30. Ασσος drawing.

† Giammai[1] ― ποτὲ.[2] Decbr. 1. 1864 Alas!


[1] Never.

[2] Never (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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