Sunday, 31 January 1864


Awfully unwell ― stoppage & pain in bowels: Medicine ― but ill all day, hardly able to sit up. Some ‘order’ must be taken about diet for as Vern says, at 50 odd these bouts are not as when one was 30.

Major De Vere, Col. Halliwell, & another came & looked at drawings. After which I got worse till at 4 was obliged to go to bed.

Feet in hot water, & hot stones wrapped up in flannel eased pain a little, & constant diarrhœa: ― & had that not ceased I must have sent for a Doctor. ― Some hot tea at times also was a benefit.

George was very attentive & good, & got his mattress into the next room to be within reach of the ‘bell.’ ―

So ends January. 1864. Not so regularly progressing a month as that in last year, but testifying to more energy than I should have expected.

Leaving London on the 2nd ― & reaching here on the 9th I began to work by the 12th & had I not been so unwell with cold for many days should have worked more than I have. Yet I have all but finished (barring a few hours’ work,) 6 watercolor drawings ― 70£’s worth of work: ― have finished 9 previously commenced sketches in the country, & have penned out some 20 or 30 Cephalonian drawings ― besides letter=writing.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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