Tuesday, 26 January 1864


Wonderfully lovely calm ― all day!! ―

Drew little, having to send off a lot of letters. But, nevertheless, drew a little at Wolff’s Virò view.

G. ― being “aposto”[1] ― cooked some 2 small porky cutlets, I ate them for lunch, not to distress him: ― & at 1.45― I walked out to Potamô ―. The dwarf Anastasius as usual.

Beyond, I sate drawing that beautiful dell & mountain view till 4.15. ― The farther pink & ashy snow range (Jenny Edwards used to call it Tzamourià ―) ― then the lilac-pink-ash sea range: ― with Vido ― the bright sea; & the olives ― dropping as the sun sank into dark grots ― with bright sheep sparkling thereamong. ―――― Walked back by the lower road, meeting foolish Craven. (Dear! Dear! fancy such a man being listened to as a preacher! ―) But he means & tries to do well, whereby ― pity & respect forbid ridicule.

At home, dined μοναχῶς ― on pigeons wonderfully stewed by Giorgio. And penned out 1 & a ½ difficult Cephalonia drawings afterwards till nearly 11. ―

[1] All right.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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One response to “Tuesday, 26 January 1864

  1. Νίκος Δ. Καράμπελας

    Thank you Marco.
    The Greek word whould read μοναχῶς (=alone). Just change the κ into χ.
    Excellent work.

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