Saturday, 23 January 1864

Perfection of loveliness all day. Full moon.

One of “those days” ― more heaven than earth.

Drew at S.W. Clowes’s “Corfu” Watercolor drawing: ― but not well.

No letters.

A kind of indifference grows on me.

Sir H.J. Storks sent £31.10 for his 10 copies: ― & one was bought for the mess of the 9th Batt.

At 3.30 ― I walked round the upper Parga road ―― what loveliness! ― & back ― by 5: when I called on the De Veres, & sate a time. They are about the nicest people here ― (as far as I know ―) & little Mary a duck.

Home by 6.15. What a Moonlight! ― Dined ἔτζι κ’ἔτζι ― & penned out Cephalonia drawings till near 11.

G. has a bad finger, & eclipsed early.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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2 responses to “Saturday, 23 January 1864

  1. Νίκος Δ. Καράμπελας

    Dined ἔτζι κ’ἔτζι = Dined so and so

  2. Thanks Nikos for the corrections. ἔτζι κ’ἔτζι has already appeared several times, and while I tend to repeat the translations, I take it for granted that after a few appearances people understand them, μοναχῶς being another example. Again many thanks, Marco

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