Monday, 11 January 1864

Nose & Eye cold horrible.

Arranging, & even commencing drawings, I could not get out till about noon, when I went to Taylors, to order various things. (T. has been to Spain, Madrid, Alhambra, &c.) Called on Lady Wolff, but only saw Fizzy ― certainly one of the most delightful boys ever beheld, ― & a very dear little chap.

Then I went to Fort Neuf ― & saw Philipps, Græme, & others, ― the same as in April last. Somehow, I fancy the 6th thoroughly hearty & very little showy folks. Half ― I thought of joining Philipps, who goes to day to Phoinikὴ[1] ― δηλαδὴ[2] ― the Monastery of San Giorgio: But on second thoughts it is too cold, & I am far from well. ― So I gave it up.

Then I walked out ― & on to Potamò ― & beyond to the poor Anastasio ― & farther to the grand lonely view; returning by the same road ― slowly. One sees so[3] difference at present between Corfu in 1856 ― & in 1864.

Came home to dind no end of letters, & £53 ― of tin ― all in paper.

Dined ― not very well. ― & afterwards wrote a good lot.

Cold ― cold ― cold ― cold.

[1] Pjoenice, an ancient Greek city in Epirus, now in Albania.

[2] I.e.

[3] Lear probably intended to write “no.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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