Saturday, 9 January 1864

Woke at 6 ― & rose: exquisite brightness! on deck, by 7 ― & looked once more on Strada Bianca, ― purple Chika, ― & white clouds on scornful crags.

Got up luggage by 8 ― & at 10, Breakfast ― & thereafter, we were passing Vido.

At 11.30 ― anchored. No George coming, I got the man of the Hotel Georgis to see me ashore, & passing the Dogana courteously, was at the Casa Παραμιθιόττι by 12. Waiting for some time, ὁ πιστὸς Σουλιότης ἣλθε.[1] He & his family are well. Little Teodoro seems to have died of tetanus ― how brought on I cannot learn. From 1 to 5 ― worked hard at getting things unpacked & in order. Then washed & dressed, & called at the Boyds’ ― having left my “Book” at the Palace. The friendly Boyds are in an excited state, as, I fear, are the Corfiotes generally. ― (Spiro called, ― & is evidently in very great trouble: ―) ― Went then to Carter’s ― having ordered dinner there. Middies, & one Skene, a pleasant fellow. After dinner, went up to Craven.

Bad cold in head.

[1] The loyal Suliot came (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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One response to “Saturday, 9 January 1864

  1. Νίκος Δ. Καράμπελας

    Dear Marco,

    I think the hotel reads Georgio instead of Georgis.
    The Casa Παραμυιιόττι should be changed to Casa Παραμυθιόττι

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