Friday, 1 January 1864

Letter from Wade-Browne: he is off tomorrow at 7.15. to catch the Marseilles Monday boat. “Will I go?” ― I write back. ― “No.” But later, turn over all possible means to do so, for this lingering on in increasing cold is dreadful & useless. Nearly all my things are packed, so I finish the 2 heavy trunx, & go out ― to Drummond’s & drew 20£ ― & 3 for Bridge, leaving 119£. Then to Day’s ― & various last purchases ― returning to pack again. ―

Mrs. Robinson, Col., & Miss Louis came. Finished the 2 Trunks & sent them to the Grosvenor Hotel, having gone there & found that I could find a bed at any hour, & that the 7.15 Train went to Dover, & through to Paris by 8. P.M. Cab to W.N.’s, & saw little Mary, ― a dear little child. Saw poor W.N. ―who is not well, yet as happy as he can be, his head being clearer. But Willie & his wife, & all the elder sons are sad sad drawbacks ― Ralph perhaps the best ―: but W.N. makes the best fit. So I came away, & returning home in a Cab, met Daddy Hunt at the door.

Dined at 7 ― & wrote to Ellen, Fanny Coombe, & several other ‘last notes.’ ― packing, & locking, & clearing up till 10.

Thomas Cooper & his wife grieved, & were thankful, ― & it is a pain to go away[.]

At 10.30. to the Grosvenor Hotel, & to bed at 11.30. but did not sleep very well.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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