Sunday, 27 December 1863

Much colder ― gray ― dry.

Breakfast at 9. ― a punctual house.

Sate reading ― & talking with Richd. Decie, who is a real good & wise fellow & kindly. Later ― a little walking ― but it was too cold ― & talking. Lady Doyle, & various Taylors called. Lunch. And talking till 3. Good-bye to all at 3.30, excellent kind Mr. & Mrs. Prescott ― & Bella & R. Decie & E. Wolstenholme. I have really never known such people as these, Combining wealth & simplicity, & immense kindliness: I have hardly ever heard a word said against anyone by anyone of them. However ― the end of seeing them for the present is come. ―

In town by 4.30 ―& shortly went to 37. Tavistock Place ― taking my book of Parrots as a Xmas gift.


It really is wonderful to see Trelawny ― so vast & strong & full of tremendous energy, ― & yet to know he is the same Pirate of the “Young brother,[”] ― the same who burned the body of Shelley ― wh held the cavern of Parnassus with Odysseus ―who exumed Byron at Messolonghi ― who married Odysseus sister, & ran away with ˇ[Mrs. Harvey, formerly Lady Goring]!!!! ― He was full of talk especially of Napier (W.) ―& against Sir F., & Sir C. Adam, [of] which latter he said ― “I once spat in his face & kicked him ― when he put me in irons.” ― Of Thackeray he said a great deal unpleasant, yet I fear, true, partly ― as to gluttony & sottishness. Of Shelley (Sir P.) he said that “fool, blackguard & sot” ― of Lady S. “that nasty little foolish bitch.” ― Of Fairvairn, (who I found had consulted him about Ditcham, ―!) a blockhead: [Kostner], a “conceited ass.” ― & so with many more. A most strange & strongly character’d man. Wished the good D. Wyatt good-bye ― & walked to Regt. Circus with Mr. Trelawney ― who is far stronger than I am.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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