Tuesday, 22 December 1863

XX. Nevertheless resolved to go to the Penrhynbs & Yeatmans[.]

Bitterly cold. 22 Letters 2 payments. 20 ― returned receipts. Wrote till 11. then to Day’s: & at 12 to Waterloo, & so to Richmond. “Maimy” & her 8 children ― a 9th ahead. Mrs. Yeatman Senior also. Also “Emmy.” After luncheon I walked to Sheen ― & found Mrs. Penrhyn at home, but fancied she thought me a bore. Thereon, walked to Barnes, & at 3.37. to town. Drove to Westminster Abbey ― to get, if possible to A.P. Stanley’s marriage: but, having no card they would not let me in, & I could not see [Leycedin] Penrhyn, or Morgan Yeatman. ― So came away rather disgusted.

At 7. came W. Holman Hunt.


A really delightful evening ― very rare now a days. Daddy’s account of the Fieldings. ― Discorso of art: J.M.: ― his plans: &c. &c. It was 11¼. Before he went.

Daddy always seems semi-fabulous to me ―: either quâ goodness ― or for depth of thought: conscientiousness; ― talent: &c. &c.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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