Sunday, 20 December 1863

Dreary dry deadly leaden sky: no wet ―― but, no light.

Arranged small matters for strting ― & also, drawings & prints to give away ― till 1. P.M. (T. Cooper’s 2 children were brought up in their new dresses & boots ― pleasant to see: the Cooper’s are hard working obliging people, & I owe them much comfort.) Called on J. Uwins ― 320 Regt. St. being sad ― inane ― ‘aimless’ as his uncle used to say. ― Then on Thrupp, ― a good heart ― & happy. ― Returned home, & walked again, to Eaton Place, but the Robinsons were out: so I came home once more. Bleak bleak fearful sky!! ― By 5. went to D. Wyatts: & sate talking with Mrs. D.W. At 6 D. came in ― certainly cross & overworked. Dinner


Various signs of crossness ― trials of unequal intellect, so for a time I think the D.W.s are not as happy as I used to think them. After dinner ― D. was more absorbed & abstracted; ― &, talking of Richd. Wyatt, quite morose & bitter ― yet possibly not unjustly. His asking me about “my sketches” ― & his reflections about Richd. Wyatt “never dining anyone” ― set me a reflecting: & resolving to buy some book & do some drawing before I go. But I doubt my dining this often again with them, or anyone: it is a fault to avoid ― one I have often fallen into ― for no cause but thoughtlessness.

I thought it best to sing & play: & came away at 11 ― not to dine there again for many a long day.

Other reasons also confirm me in this resolve. Ἄλλαι αἰτίαι μὲ στάθουν ἐις τοῦτο.[1]


[1] Other reasons also confirm me in this (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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