Friday, 18 December 1863

Very fine ― but cold ― very.

Rose 8. ― At 9.30 ―breakfast. C.F. ― Stepney & Bertie, Grenfell & Hervey, Mrs. H. & Miss M. ―

I have little comfort in staying here. At 11.50, we went (Lady W. also) in a carriage to te Station, & at Waterloo I took leave of them. ― Λέξεις ― δὲν ἔχω.[1] But I am sad & sad & weary.

Home by 1 ― or 1.30. & found several letters: one, from Lady Strangford very nice. After answering them, walked to Day’s ― & corrected lists &c. ― & then went to Foords giving orders about the ultimate boxes, ― & so home again. Whereon I set off to try to see any of the F.L.’s before I went from England. Mrs. F.L. ― “Kate,” was at home, & the baby: so I sate with them a bit. It is a rather wilful child, but very nice. K.L. certainly bears out [Sx.] in what he said by her likeness. Ὅμως, ἔιναι μυστήριον, τοῦτο.[2] Walked home, & dined very comfortably. ― Kind letter from Mrs. Prescott.

[1] Words ― I do not have (NB).

[2] But it is a mystery, this one (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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