Thursday, 17 December 1863

Same weather ― fine & dry ― but much colder.

Several letters, & among them, one from poor George ― little Teodoro died on the 3rd at 10.30. la notte.[1] Poor dear people! ― I wrote to him at once. It is very sad. ― ―― Hutton came ― a truly good lad: & then Lawson: both English hearted.

After that ― at 1. Cab to Day’s ― & got the 1st Book out ― of the Ionian Views. ― also went to Foords, & the Fire Insurance, paying one ― 22£, the other 5£. sent 8 cases with 15 unfinished pictures, to be sent to Corfû. At 3 ― lunched ― unhappily, ― whereby indigestion. At the Station I was cross, & crosser in the cold Railway carriage. At Strawberry Hill were Lady W., & Mrs. Hervey. Afterwards C.F. ― & others. ― The Dinner was large, but the house dreadfully cold ― (i.e. the new rooms,) & the “sphere” not pleasing.


The people I sate next to bored one to death: ― & Mylady told me I “looked miserable.” Afterwards, the large Drawing room was horribly cold: & all things horribly dull. Society at Strawberry Hill ― unless a great fête, ― is a misery. Whist. Lord Amberley ― quiet & shrewd. Miss Harding clever & agreable. ― Talk with Grenfell a little. At 11.30 ― fled.

poor George!! ―


[1] In the night.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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