Sunday, 13 December 1863

Very fine & clear ― hardly cold ― very beautiful.

Arranged the lists of names to give to Day’s tomorrow ― horrid work: & also writing till 1. or 2.

Then went to Adml. Robinson’s. (disgusting barking dog. ―) “Archibald Shaw=Stewart” came in, but mainly we; i.e. Mrs. R. & I ― were opzorbed about a history.

Then, at 4.30 ― or 5 ― I went to 6. Grosvenor Crescent, & sate for an hour with ‘Mary Stanley.’ Arthur is to be married on the 22nd.

Home ― & dined on cold vyands. at 7 ―.

A woman ― name unknown ― married ― or was supposed to marry one [Rieriss]. She had one daughter ― but as she had intrigued with C.B.* it was by him supposed his, & he persuaded his mother to adopt her ― before he ― C.B. died. Mrs. B. educated her entirely. Meanwhile Mrs. R. lived abroad, mostly: & her daughter, visiting her ― being about 17. ― having always made many scenes ― married a young officer, Neale. & went out to Mauritius, where she had 2 children, after wh. Neale died.

Mrs. B. dying left 250£ per ann., annuity, to Mrs. N. & Mrs. N. came to England ― Adml. R. ― & A.B. her guardians. With Regld. B. ― but bouleversed his house, & went out as a Governess. Quarrelling with the family, she went to reside at a village, whose doctor, ― a man of 9 children she persuaded to go to America & lecture. Thence, in 2 years she returned minus the Doctor, & her own 2 children ― reported dead. Then she went on the stage: & afterwards to Italy, where she picked up a courier, (Lady S.Lx―’s) & came to England ― he having bought a bit of ground, & become Marchese.† She married him, & went out to Pisa ― & had 2 children. But she at times returned, & to H――d ― where she worked up Sir R.B. to write to her guardians for money &c. (of Lady W.’s opinion of her, little need be said.)

This year she came up at Torquay ― & all the Lady B.’s fled.

so ― ὄχι περισσότερα. Τί ἔπειτα?[1]

* ― an error. it was Sir A.B. not C. & his mother adopted the child of her own will, believing that her son had injured its mother.

† Meanwhile the Rev. F. Bacon had married her mother.


[1] Not more ― what else? (NB)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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