Monday, 7 December 1863

Slept very well. Did not suffer from cold. Rose at 7.30.

Packed &c. ― Breakfast at 8. ―

Wrote a few letters.

At 11 ― off in Fly with Bern, ― & left him at the Station ― I going on to Cook’s Bridge. Bern is perhaps one of the very best men I have ever known. Poor Greening’s married daughter has died. What different fates of 3 men, who as youths were so much together! From Cooks bridge, at 11.30 ― walked to the Hooks by 12.30. (3 miles & a ½). Found the J. Blencowes there ― to my satisfaction. Lunch: & the 2 elder J.B. children. Afterwards, walked with Mr. B. & John, to Birnham. Mr. B. is much older in walking.

Birnham is pleasant, but a wee bleak. ― Home by the village ― by 4.30. Then sate with Mrs. B. ― & Mrs. J.B. ― & the children till 6. John is gone to Lewes. ― Mrs. J.B. is evidently a duck of a high degree.

Dinner ― 7.30


After dinner, showed Lithographs.

& later played. The parsonage party went at 10.30.

Mr. B., Mrs. J.B. & I sate up till 11.30[.]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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