Friday, 27 November 1863

Dark & dampy: but not wet or cold: ― dismal but beareable.

Many letters. 100 of the Subscribers have now paid ― but 230 more have to be written to!

No one came.

At 2.30 ― went to Gould’s ― to see Prince ― a good little man. But he was not at home ― though G. was: G. was less disgusting than sometimes ― but he is always a hog. E. Wilson’s remarx about him were really good ― as to how such a man could pourtray humming birds or anything refined. A queer fish.

Then to Dickensons. D. ages very much. The toil of English life is fearful ―― way what they may.

Then to Days ― seeing Mr. John ― ὅστις δὲν μ’ἀρέσκει.[1] He says 9 or 10 of the plates are all printed, I saw 4 or 4: not as I wished ― but cui bono to say anything??? They say all the printing shall be done by the 4th. ― Quien sabe?

Afterwards walked to Wilton Crescent & called on Mr. Carr ―. The servant said ― being a fooly man, ― “Mrs. Carr anxiously enquired if you had left any message Sir?” ― Ἀποκρίθην ― Οχι.[2]

Dined at the Blue Posts μ;πναχως.

& home by 7.


[1] Whom I don’t like (NB).

[2] I answered ― No (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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