Monday, 9 November 1863

Fine all day. Rose before 7.

Breakfast with Decie at 7.30. off at 8. ―

At Stratford Place found letters ― & subscribers up to 280. In the course of the day ― 3 more. ―

Went out to Foord’s, ― & to Gould’s. A more singularly offensive mannered man than G. hardly can be: but the queer creature means well, tho’ more of an Egotist than can be described. Edwd. Wison delineated him well. ――Then I went to Hones’s ― & after to D. Wolffs ― whom I found at home ― not at all well. He says Φόφφη & her husband will have 430£ a year betwixt them. As I supposed, the Judge & Sir H.S. are at odds. ― W. says he believes things will be as they are till Feby. ― or March. ― Walked to Daddy Hunt’s: found him with his nephew ― kindly-hearted Daddy! ― & “finishing” the Egyptian girl ― wh. is splendid in color & greatly improved. Walked to Woolner’s: & saw his statue of J. Godley & bust of Gladstone: & he gave me his poem. ― Came home & wrote 20 notes ― interrupted by Colonel R. Bruce of the 2nd ― a kindly-ish man ― but vastly odd. ―

At 6.30 to F.L.’s.


Well said W.L.: ― F. needed a livelier mate: yet we can’t help our natures, & I hope they may be happy: the little girl is very robust & pretty. I talked for all.

Came Venables ― o! most dreary obese & ungenial ― looking at the teapot instead of oneself in speaking to me. ― yet his remarks about AT though sarcastic, were right. Came home by 11.

Giorgio wrote to day: all well.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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