Thursday, 5 November 1863

Foggy & dampy ― & mostly rainy. Rose at 8.

17 Letters ― 14 new subscriptions ― now 250 in all. ― one (from Mrs. Grey & Col. Phipps,[)] ordering a copy “for the Royal Library.” Breakfast most pleasant. Ἔπειτα, a walk with G. Clive ―: dim as the fogs make the view, ― one sees that this country is truly glorious. ― 1861 & kind Mrs. Clive ought to be remembered ever. ― Returned & wrote “notes ―” till Lunch. ― Afterwards ― mostly sate talking with Mrs. Clive, or amusing Babsey ― (Kathleen) till 5.

Much talk of ― διὰ τὸν κύριον Μαιλδαμαι – τοῦ ὁποίου ἡ φύσις δέν εἶναι εύτυχῆς – κί διὰ ἂλλων πραγμάτων.[1]

Then sang for Kathleen. At 6. Came Humphrey & Sybilla Mildmay. ― & so ― talk ― till dinner.


Evening passed ― looking at my Lithographs ―― & in Mrs. M.’s singing ― & later ― mine.

Bed at 11. ― A happy visit.



[1] Of Mr. Mildmay ― whose nature is not a happy one ― and of other things (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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