Wednesday, 4 November 1863

Very fine ― early ― Rose 7.30. Some 25 letters, & 16 subscribers, so that the List is now 236. some very kind letters: some, curious: ― W.H.’s about Miss B.W. e.g. ― ἣ παραδείγματα Χάριν.[1]

Breakfast, Mrs. Francillon, Edith, Henry, & I. ―

Henry went at 10 ― good lad. ― At 12. To rail. (The Francillons are thoroughly kind good people.[)]

Rail, by Gloucester to Ross, by 1.55. An Irish car to meet me. Pleasant ride. Perrystone. ― Mrs. G.C. ― Lunch. Topsey. “Scandalum Magnatum.” &c.

Walk down the slopes ― (vide 1861) to the river. River overflowing. Ferry boat & children ― anxious schoolmistress. Poor woman arriving too late. ― Mrs. G.C. promises to send a man down from the house. So we go up. & fine wild country.

Perrystone. Little Kathleen ― a dear child. Dress. Dinner ―


G. Clive is thinner & looks older: ― & is not I fear in a way to improve. But I cannot be sure of this, tho’ I fear it.

After dinner, showing Lithographs, & music till 10.40. ―

[1] “E.g.” again.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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