Tuesday, 3 November 1863

Gray, & raining at times ― but warm.

Slept well: ― better health.

No end of letters ― & 20 new subscribers ― now 219. in all. some very kind notes. Breakfast ― pleasant. Edith is a very nice girl: & draws very nicely. At 12 ― went in a fly ― to Mrs. Williams ˇ[12. Park Place.] ― she ws out, but came in woon, with Maria ― & when I went, Helen (Barnard) was there alone: ― still sweetly pretty. Nrs. W. in gt. sadness ― as Edwd. W. is ordered to N. Zealand. Between us all were many sad memories. Dear old Mrs. W. was so pleased with the views of Sta. Maria & Ithaca. ― At 1 ― I went to 20. Imperial Sqre. & Miss Wentworth, also out when I came, ― soon returned, Nary Wentworth! ― 1829 ―― I had never seen her since! ――― All round the room were the old old drawings once at Walton Crescent, ― & the old Cat’s head of Waterton days!!!! She ― Miss Mary ― is a bent, & stout elderly woman ― but absolutely kind, ladylike, & cheerful. “Sir ― there are no such people now as my mother & my Aunt Brandling: they are gone.” ―― My half hour was most pleasant: ― fly back to the Francillons. Lunch. ― Sitting & talk till 4.30 ― when I walked to the college & first saw John & Robert Reid ― & back ― dressed & sate till 6.30 ― or 6.45. (The Dog Ben.) ― then Mr. Francillon & Henry came. ― Dinner.


Pleasant & cheery all. Later I sang ― & so we went to bed at 11. Kindly good people. ―

Packed: it is now 12.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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  1. Greetings! Can you explain these new subscribers? Subscribers to what? He’s in fine form in this entry. Love it when he has a good day. And liked his quote from “Miss Mary,” too.

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