Monday, 2 November 1863

Rose at 7. ― & packed. The servant gave me a wrong suit of dress clothes occasioning rage & unpacking.

Ran down at 9.10 ― to see Sir G.G. ― & Julian, but they had gone ― hunting. Walked ― (cold!!) partly round the walks ―: I never saw finer clumps & vistas of trees & lawns ― & groups of deer ― anywhere: ― all art ― & trees. ―

Breakfast, Lady G. Miss R. & Miss J. ˇ[& Miss G.] ―& afterwards ― talk till 11.30 when I, & Miss Rowan left: ― most kindly house!!! ― I feel a grief is going from it. Drive to Station with Miss F.R. her opinions of Miss J. ― (she is Sir F.G.’s secretary.) At Farringdon Road we parted ― & I came on to Cheltenham ― pouring rain, tho’ not so cold. Cheltenham at 4. Fly to Francillon’s ― a new house. Mrs. F. the same hearty & youthful soul as ever ― poor Charlotte there. Edith & Henry. the latter I thought bumptious but I fancy I was wrong. Dinner


I was ― (chilled & not well,) ― not over good company. ― Could not sing ― but played. They felt the earthquake greatly here.

Talked till 11. ἔπειτα ― κραββάτι.[1]

Strange life ― quite dark as to Corfy ― but compulsory.

Letter from Mrs. G. Clive.


[1] Then ― bed (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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