Sunday, 1 November 1863

Rose before 7. how beautiful that glade & those trees!! & the deer! ― Fine, ― but very cold. 34 letters!! ― & 25 subscribers ― so the list is at 197. ―

Wrote till 10. Breakfast merry & pleasant. ― But how cold I am! ――― Talked ― for how can I set to work to write? ― with Julian G. ― & then with Lady G. ― till 1. Then a walk with Sir F. kindly & intellectual. Lunch. Mr. & Mrs. Goldlake came: the former just blind, but very cheerful & singularly alive to all matters. ― Afterwards, he, Lady G., & I went out ― a pleasant walk ― to a sort of German Pine wood ― & back. Mr. Goldlake is most active in every way ― despite his blindness. At 4.30, I walked alone round the grounds ― more pleasant & finely laid out than any [] Knowsley. Indoors at 5 ― & Mr. Persey, & Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher called ― non troppo interessante.[1]

After they left ― talk & laughter till 6.30. Dinner,


Afterwards, converse & immese laughter all the Evening.

‘If all the world were apple-pie

And all the sea were ink,

And all the trees were bread & cheese,

What should we have to drink?[’]



[1] Not very interesting.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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