Saturday, 17 October 1863

Espessially fine day. Rose at 7. ―

2. New Subscribers ― List 118.

Finished the 19th Lithograph ― No. 9.

At 3.30, came to Waterloo Station & by 5 at Weybridge.

Fly to Ockham ― cold ― & thence, cross. Half an hour’s talk with William & Fanny L. improved me.


Nothing can surpass ― quâ good living, hospitality, refinement & intellectual life, ― Dr. L.’s table. He himself seems younger & livelier than 3 years ago. Only amazement prevents one regarding him with unmixed affection & respect: ― he is unlike any one I ever saw for charm of age.

The evening also was delightful. ― I sang a lot: but not too well: ― only they are so silent & amiable ― intelligent. But I did not know till after she had left that Lord Byron’s Grandaugher was there. ―

[My own look out, for I had been repeatedly asked to Horsley Towers by her Father.][1]

[1] In a different pen, and probably added later at the bottom of the page. Horsley Towers was designed by William, Earl of Lovelace, Augusta Ada Byron’s husband; the daughter Lear mentions must have been Lady Anne Isabella [Annabella, but Lear writes “Arabella”] Noel Blunt, later 15th Baroness Wentworth, née King-Noel (1837-1906). Wikipedia.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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