Sunday, 11 October 1863

Fine. Rose at 7. Breakfast. 7.50. Kind Mr. Prescott seeing me off at 8.20. Rail ― 8.50 ― to town ― by 9.15. (at the London Wall.[)] Long string of carriages. ― Wait at door of Gk. Church. Place allotted ― back ― but a stall, & ability to stand up. Curious contrasts ― the 3 Gk priests ― all robed ― & the Policeman. ― At 12, ὁ Βασιλεύς ἦλθε:[1] very young ― but good in manners ― & with a prepossessing intelligent countenance, & good head. ― He stood all the time. (They had put up a throne &c. ― but by his order this was removed χθὲς.)[2]

The whole affair was of far deeper interest that I can write.

Cab directly the Φουνζιώνι[3] were over ― & to Waterloo St. by 1.30. Barnes by 2 ― where, they had sent for me. Lunch ― & afterwards, slowy walk with Mr. P. & Reilly ― the farm &c.: dampy. In doors before 5 ― tea ― & playing various bits to Mrs. P. Dinner


Afterwards ― sang again.

Sir F.D. appears to me neither musical not artistic, but very amicable & witty=funny.

The prescotts are wondrously kind people. Bed at 11.

[1] The Priest came (NB).

[2] Yesterday (NB).

[3] “Funzioni” in Italian means “service or mass.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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