Sunday, 4 October 1863

Cloudy wet morning. ― Breakfast. ― 9.30 ― cheerful & pleasant. The L.C. arranged to ride ― I to walk at 11. ―

Playing & singing to M. Parkyns 6 children ―. ――――

Walk with the Lord C. ― very delightful. How queer that it should be through “Jewises” park!! ― Told the L.C. about F. Coombe’s daughters ― Mrs. Morse ― &c. &c. Returned by 1.30. ― Went to M.P.’s “studio” ― what talent that man has ― but not brought out. ―

Lunch. Still pleasant: ― & talk after.

Gussie: ― good dear Gussie. After they went out to walk ― the poor dear child talked a little of her mother, but could do so little for tears, & ˇ[naturally from] the restraint she ˇ[is under] ― much ˇ[as to the causes of so dreadful] sorrow.

3.30 to 5. ― Walk with Manny & Richd. In the Spring Woods ― perhaps as lovely & grand a specimen of English lofty home scenery as can exist. Later, on those vast Beech Masses of foliage. ―

Dress. Dinner


After dinner, they all would make me sing, & so I sang a good deal. At 10 ― went to the smoky room. Stories of mine, ― of M. Parkyns’, ― &c. &c. & after Cardew  went ― ἦτο πολῦ μαῦρας ἱστορίας τῶν κακαπραγμάτων τοῦ Μέγας.[1]

Certe porcherie sono assai brute ― ed ἷσως[2] ― fanno pensare a possibile prossime bruttezze.[3]

[1] They were very bleak stories about dreadful things by Megas (NB).

[2] Maybe (NB).

[3] Such filth is horrible ― and [gr.] ― make one think of possible coming horrors.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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