Wenesday, 30 September 1863

Rose at 6.30. Work little ― before breakfast.

4 letters ― each a subscriber ― lady Grenville, Lady Wilmot Horton, ― A. Heywood, & Lady Fitzwilliam, & all particularly kind writing.

Finished the 13th Lithograph ― (No. 1) ― & worked a good deal at the 14th (No. 3. Virò.) ―

Came Edwd. Wilson, & asked me to dine ― so at 6.30 I went to the Reform Club ― having previously gone to ask after poor Archie Peel.


Pleasant dinner ― & good in all ways ― Tomato soup, Smelts, ― truffle patters, ― some sort of steak ― & a grouse, & ice pudding ― with sherry ― a bottle of Veuve Cliquôt, ― & one of good claret. Τοῦτο ὀνομάζεται γεῦμα, άληθῶς.[1] ― The Reform Club is gorgeous.

E.W. (who is 49 & a half years old,) starts on the 14th for Liverpool ― & then by the Gt. Britain to Melbourne ―― a voyage of 60 days. ― I would like to go.

Home by 10.40. Bed at 11.

Kind note from Mrs. Prescott.

[1] This is what I call dinner, indeed (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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