Monday, 28 September 1863

Rose at 6. ― Breakfast at 7. Gloomy morning.

Essex certainly has no liveliness of aspect. Rail at Brentwood & to town. Pouring rain. Home by 10. Drew, but very interruptedly at No. 1 ― the 13th Lithograph. Lady Westbury sent a note ― asking me to [Anstead], & I answered, but afterwards found I had engaged to go on a date I dated wrongly ― so I have to go up ―by way of remedy & penance to Upper Hyde Park Gardens.

Then came Jamie Hornby, ―― dear Jambo. Ἐνθημοῦμαι τῶν ἡμέρων παρασμένων εἰς Νῶζλι.[1]

Alas! ― he could only stay half an hour. ―

These things point to another world ― methinks ― truly: ― for why the recall of such long past pain if for no good.

At Hyde Park Gardens ― found another note from the Lord C. ― & rushed to go on Saturday ― putting off the Prescotts. ― Walked on to Daddy Hunt ― & found him. After a walk, I staid to dine with him at 7. ― Little Teddy his nephew there. ― Staid till 9.40, ― most pleasantly. Cab home.

Letter from Ellen, enclosing one from Fredk. ―

Wrote to Mrs. Prescott.

[1] “I am reminded of days past at Nozli” (NB), Nozli being “a town in Asiatic Turkey, in the province of Natolia” according to The New Universal Gazeteer; or Geographical Dictionary. London: G.G. and J. Robinson, 1798. However Marian’s comment below is no doubt right and Νῶζλι is a transliteration of Knowsley.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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3 responses to “Monday, 28 September 1863

  1. Marian M.

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for carrying out this project, as well as maintaining your many excellent Lear-related sites. THANK YOU!

    One question/quibble re: the note on Νῶζλι, though: is this not more likely to be Lear’s fanciful transliteration of ‘Knowsley’?

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