Friday, 18 September 1863

Rose at 6. Worked from 6.45 till 8.

Letters from F.L. & Mrs. Bell.

H.A. Bruce came ― & staid from 10 to 12 ― but he wants a picture. And anyhow it is always a pleasure & interest. We told lots of stories. 3 of his ― of school inspections, I put down.

Subject ― [shame] at gnat & swollen &c. ―

2. What vice did Our’Lord warn people against. No answers. 2y. repeated.

“Agin ating too many camels.” ―

Who was Sampson ―? Big boy ― prompted by small ― A Judge in Israel. ― How remarkable? ― “Strong man.[”] ― Who did he kill. The Philistines. How ― (Prompting boy ― “Jaw-bone of an ass.” ―

Big boy aloud ― “he jobbed them in the a――c.”

What is the meaning of invisible? ― “My guts is.” ―


Young ――― came ― I can’t  recollect his name. ― a quiet youth: & with some talent for colour.

Finished 9th drawing ― No. 12. Ἀργοστώλι. & began 10th ―― No. 10 ― Santa Maura from the hills. ― Worked till 6.15.

Dined μονακῶς ― & wrote Envelopes till 10.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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