Thursday, 17 September 1863

Rose ― θαυμαστῶς[1] ― at 6. ― From 7 to 8, ― lithographed ― & from after breakfast ― too 6.15 ― when it gets dark. Sent off the 8th drawing ― (No. 14. Asso) ― & worked on at the 9th ― Argostoli ― No. 12 ― but could not finish it. For J.E. Cross came ― & staid about an hour ― an interruption not to be grudged, for he is a kind & good & truthful man. ―

But he looks ill: very ill

They have all gone to L. Green today ― & the Ladies “gown buying,” ― had no time to come. H.J. Bruce writes that he is coming tomorrow. And H. Hunt writes ― whom I have asked to dine tomorrow. ―

Ἐγευμάτισα μοναχῶς ― δὲν ὑπῆγα ἒξω, διόλου.[2]

Ἂς [illegible Greek].

Καλἠν νύχτα ― Κύριοι![3]

“first he spat ― then he grat: & ay! Then he swat!” Description of moving sermon by old scotchwoman.


[1] Marvelously (NB).

[2] Dined alone ― didn’t go out at all (NB).

[3] Goodnight, Gentlemen! (NB)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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