Wednesday, 16 September 1863

Rose at 7. ― & ― (& after breakfast.) worked till 11 ― touching 6 of the gray proofs with white. Sta a veder[1] how they will come off.

Worked all day afterwards ― /only broken by a Telegram from C.F. asking me to come to Dudbrook on Saturday ―) and finished No. 14 ― the 8th Drawing ― beginning the 9th No. 12. ― working till 6.15.

I do not try to work more ― either after or before the Lithographic work ― as I feel I should break down probably altogether if I did so.

Ἐγευμάτισα μοναχὼς, καὶ ἒπειτα ἒγραψα ὀλίγο.

‘Στὸ κραββάτι ― ἑξ καὶ ἣμισυ.[2]

But at 10.45 ― came Cooper, saying ― “Mr. Cross Sir.” ― So I rose ― & a happy hour did we pass. How many memories!!!!! ―

At 12. He went.


[1] Literally “Just see…” though Lear probably means “Only in order to see…”

[2] Dined alone, and then wrote a little. / To bed ― at half past six (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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