Thursday, 10 September 1863

Rose late.

Work went on badly to day. Finished the 5th drawing ― No. 18 ― & sent it off ― & all the rest of my work was on the 6th Drawing ― No. 4.

But I could not control my wish to see the old house ― so at 4 I took a cab to Guildford St. & then walked to Holloway. The agent or builder was in the shops next door, & said I could see the house. Some of the steps were gone ―: a woman showed me in to the hall. The parlour at once annihilated 50 years. Empty ― but ― there were the 2 bookcases, & the old “Secretary” my father used to work at. ― I saw every possible evening for years. Would I could see the pictures as they were!! ――― then I went up stairs ― the Drawing room is really a fine good room ― but spoiled now by the back buildings. My room ― Ehi! Ehi! ― Henry’s ― Mary’s ― Mother’s, & the spare room. Down stairs again ― the Nursery ― a large low room ― just as it was ― only with no view. Dear Ann’s ― & the painting room ― the happiest of all my life perhaps ― the “dark room” ― & the “play ground.” The little parlour was shut ― & the study & greenhouse room extinct. ―― Gave the woman 2 shillings ― a cheap & wonderful lesson!

Walked all the way home, & dined at 7. Wrote to Sarah.

Bed at 10[.]


I remember the dark red paint on the lower stairs!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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